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Terms and conditions

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    Anyone adding his/her contents to the website automatically grants W.A.C. SAS the right to use all the material submitted at his discretion.

  3.  All artists and/or users registered on this website shall have some spaces for adding personal data and/or images and/or comments at their disposal. Introduction of such contents is open to everyone and it shall be performed independently, without any prior verification by the website administrators, under full and exclusive liability of the subjects introducing the contents in question and thus the website administrator shall not be held liable under any circumstances whatsoever. Introduction of any content by the artist and/or the user into this website neither requires approval nor authorisation by W.A.C. SAS which does not carry out any verification.
    Furthermore, introducing or sharing copies of protected artworks on the internet without authorisation from the authors is severely prohibited.
    In the light of what has been mentioned above, W.A.C. SAS shall not be held liable for the authenticity, completeness, correctness and legality of such contents, for protection of the intellectual and/ industrial property rights or the copyrights and for violation of public order, public decency and/or morality code.

  4. Uploading sensitive data, photos and/or images of minors as well as any content that can be deemed as a violation of public order and/or public decency and/or moral code and/or that can be offensive to any one for racial, political, religious, gender or handicap reasons, as well as violating other people’s privacy is severely prohibited and W.A.C. SAS shall delete one or more contents from the internet at his own discretion.

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